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What is PTFE Teflon sheet and how it plays an important role in our industry

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 PTFE  sheet(also named Four fluorine board, Teflon sheet) is usually sorted into
two kinds: the moldable one and the turning one. The moldable PTFE sheet is
made into shape first by molding process, then by sintering process, and lastly
by cooling process at normal temperatures. PTFE sheet products are widely used
in a range of fields just because of its excellent overall performance:

1/ Temperature resistance from -313.6 to 500.
2/ Anti-corrosion. Be resistant to most
chemical drugs, strong acid, strong alkali and other organic solvents.

3/  Weather
resistance. It has the longest working life among all plastic products.

4/ Lowest friction rate and non-stick.
5/ Nontoxic.


PTFE Teflon sheet


It resolve many issues from chemical area, petroleum
area,  synthetic drug area and so on. It
mainly be used as electrical insulating materials, lining contacting corrosion
medium,  support slipper, rail’s sealing
elements, lubricating material, container for fuel industry, storage tank ,the
reaction tower kettle
, liner  of
large-scale pipe. It also be used as support slipper (guide rail) of machinery,
architecture, transit bridge. It plays an important role in non-stick material of
printing and dyeing industry, light industry, textile industry.


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