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What's the antistatic PTFE tape

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 Antistatic PTFE fiberglass adhesive tape is a new composite material which is made from antistatic heat-resistant fabric whose electric conduction can reach up to ten to the 6th power.It’s usually black and its thickness mainly include 0.13mm and 0.18mm. Because of its excellent electric conduction, it is widely used in the fields of electronic industry, plastic industry, textile industry and etc.


 The characteristic of  Antistatic PTFE fiberglass adhesive tape

1. It has very persistent adhesion and can adhere readily in a temperature range of -70 to 280 Celsius degree.

2. Easy to wash away the blot or other dust on the surface such as resin, coating material, etc

3. High chemical corrosion resistant: it could resist acid, alkali, aqua fortis and various kinds of organic liquid corrosion

4. Capability of medicament resistant and non-poison, almost to resist all kinds of medicament

5. Fireproofing and flame resisting

6. Easy to use and install, reusable, and own long using life

7.Steady and average electric conduction reaching to 10 to the 6th power.


Main specifications:

The thickness:0.13mm, 0.18mm

The width: be easily cut into small pieces from 3mm to 1250mm

The length: 10 to 50 meters

The color: black